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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Exams are over now!!!! WHEEEEEE!
results are out...disappointed with some...especially science.
Hope that my overalls will be gd, be pulled-up by my other previous grades.
Really buzzzy now, with BRAIN JUICE, CCA sports camp, and training! It seems like so many things are goin on...my brain's gonna explode soon...arghhh!!

Brain Juice...kinda fun, but boring too=( Not exactly excited abt taking care of 5 Nanyang primary sixers...herghhhh wad if they're taller than me...primary 6..doesnt sound so small!! rehersals next wed..hope its goes well!!!!

Reallyyyy excited abt sports camp tis year..actually its my 1st time so yearghh...
In the games commiittteeee with Dela and Jean...its gonna be fun! hahaha cheryl , Yin2 and all of us really had a hard time getting 12 games, but we managed=D Hope they'll enjoy the camp! Cos i know i will.

31st Oct leaving S'pore for Bangkok! Kinda excited, gonna be away till 4th! Can't wait to get on those big fat grey elephants!!! heheehhe. Gonna shop, and shop shop shop!!!!!!!!!mwahahahhaha.
so anyways, happy Deepavali to all and Selamat Hari Raya Puasa!!

BBALLLL! really...tiring, but refreshin! really upset that we're changing coach AGAIN for the....hmmmmm 7th time! even though coach Cindy is terrifying at times...but she's really a great and capable coach...*sighs* Now we have to start allllll o0verrr again with a brand new coach! GREaaTTTT..tis is gonna be fun...*i wish*

SYEILA is gone...went to airport last nite...send her offf. Teachers, juniors, seniors, old pals....they all came to say goodbye. I just wanna pray that she'll be fine in Dubai...and i know that wherever she goes...she'll never ever stop to make a difference=) Shes one hel* of a leader!!

alrite....going OFF>

un accomplisseur canadien 12:43 AM

Monday, June 06, 2005


OMG! Its been months!! haHahHahahahAHahaha...
wellaaaa, lots of things haf happened. *Sigh* man..Where to begin?!

Actually lemee juz tell u abt the japan trip! which was really great, fun and exciting. I really wanna go back there..it was really really..amazing. made new gd friends!: GabrieLe, Venza, Valerie, Angelina, Ingridd, Wendalyn, Andrea, Grace. K, Fion! And some i knew before but i got to know them better. So mostly the Indos i guess...but anyways, thnks to them, the Japan trip was made really fun and memorable ,thanks guys! and remember to buy a royal milk tea kayy!=D

So well, we went to experience public bathing!
1st time: Everyone broke the rule and wore towels into the bathing room.
2nd time: Started to abide by the rules, went bare!
3rd-6th time: Treated it normal.
Its actually not that bad!! U get to dip in this big hottt tub, wich is nice!=)

We went shopping in some places...but i regret that i didint buy enuf stuff. I didint even use 1/2 of the money my mom gave me!!! Argh!!...seriously bought too little stuff!*hai*

now,g2g sleep!...Hopefully i'll remember to continue!hehehe. NiteZ~

un accomplisseur canadien 11:31 PM

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Arghhhh....i feel like shit!...but in another way, i dont. Marks, grades, studies, school life....Its getting onto me, maybe *she's right..i hafent been happy, nor smiling nor enjoying my life. All i do is juz study!...wich is not a bad thing..And it seems tht grade has been so important to me tht if i get a bad one...i sulk and stresses myslef up, i kept on tellin myself tht tis is only term 1 and i can do better for the next test..but wen i turn the wheels to my parents, i can imagine and see the disappointed look tht i have always hated..Its better if they scold i thought instead of keeping their disappointment inside. The reason why i'm not feeling sht anymore is becoz...wen i look at my other sub grades, i feel satisfied*for some* and realized tht i haf been doing great in my studies and has improved, other than eng..and Lit. So i thought tht today was a very emberassing day fer me..coz yeah: shed some salty tears.
Heres wad i got:>English*failed*
:>Chinese CLB*A2*
So yeah theres my marks i tink and yesh, yes my english is extremely horrifying..

Anyways, heres some pics i took after the prefects Commendation tht went preety well^^

un accomplisseur canadien 3:28 PM

Monday, March 07, 2005

OKAy....u may all tink i'm stupid....crazy perhaps...*chinese new year 3rd day.* Posted by Hello

un accomplisseur canadien 11:43 PM

hehehe tis the moment you've all been waiting for! Posted by Hello

un accomplisseur canadien 11:41 PM

With Nat Tay!  Posted by Hello

un accomplisseur canadien 11:40 PM

After Changing out of the Blazer... Posted by Hello

un accomplisseur canadien 11:39 PM

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Under the Big Rock! Posted by Hello

un accomplisseur canadien 1:26 AM

ehehehehe..look even shitter..on a buggy ride,beach Hainan. Posted by Hello

un accomplisseur canadien 1:24 AM

haha..look like sht..but very cold, going scuba in Hainan~ Posted by Hello

un accomplisseur canadien 1:23 AM

Family! in HK!, we're so tired.. Posted by Hello

un accomplisseur canadien 1:22 AM

nothing to doo.....uz decided to post some pics...of my hols~

un accomplisseur canadien 1:15 AM

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Hahahahahaha, all of you hu actually comes here must've thought this blog is dead...I know i hafent been posting since last year, but sometimes u really juz haf no time, and nothing to write...

Anyways today was okayy other than the tough trainings bball coach gave us, OMg he made us jump and reach with 2 hands really high for 100X, tip-toe for 200X and do guy push-ups for...only 20Xs larh but your thumbs muz touch each other....trusttt me, its not EASY!! But i know its gd fer us...so i'm gald to haf tis kind of trainings..haha.

Didint go skool yesterday, was "SICK." Missed quite a lot of stuff in skool fer juz a day..*sigh* next time DONT MISS SKOOL IF NOT NECESSARY!Thts wad i've learnt. Theres really much HW to do now, I hate sec 2...skools so buzy, well i'm buzy..with: Odessey of the Mind, Bball, Tests, Hws, Tuitions and projects tht are being assigned almoz every frreakin week!...aRHHhhhhHH I'M sOOOOO NOT eNJOYINg my Skool LifE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanna die...

un accomplisseur canadien 6:05 PM

Monday, January 17, 2005

Almost a week since i posted..tired...T_T. Dont know wad to say larhh!!! So buzy now, i mean sec 2 is..different. I slept like at 2am yesterday, exhausting but lovely, coz i got to watch Jang-quen*serial korean*

Now in bball again, well not yet. Soon i hope. So far so good i tink. Coach is really weird, he seems to enjoy bullying Patricia...hahaha, loL.*poke*Turkeyy^^. I guess it not that bad anymore..at least i can still do good lay-ups.

Happy Hari Raya Haji to all the Malays!!-Hols

Wwanna sleeeppp now, bye!

un accomplisseur canadien 5:08 PM